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Should Our Company Consider Using Cloud Services? What Are the Benefits?

By Chris Boudreau | October 11, 2021

Cloud use has now become the norm for businesses of all sizes. It’s estimated that 90% of global companies use some type of cloud service.

While using a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform may seem like a do-it-yourself experience without any IT help needed, that’s often not the case. Companies can end up with disorganized, expensive, and unsecured cloud infrastructure when they try going it alone without the help of expert cloud services.

In a global study of cloud computing challenges, here are the top issues that organizations say they face:

  • Security (81%)
  • Cloud spend (79%)
  • Governance (75%)
  • Lack of resources/expertise (75%)
  • Compliance (75%)
  • Cloud migration (71%)
  • Managing multiple clouds (72%)

Cloud infrastructure can be even more complicated than on-premises technology infrastructure because businesses are often dealing with several different cloud platforms and vendors. And each has its own system for security and customization.

What are Cloud Services?

Cloud services are similar to other professional technology support services, only they’re completely focused on helping companies optimize their use of the cloud.

Cloud services include everything from securing your cloud environment to migrating data successfully from one cloud platform to another.

Through PartnerIT’s All Covered® Services, you get every cloud support solution you could possibly need bundled together in one affordable package. 

Important Benefits of Cloud Services for Your Business

Improve Cloud Security

Misconfiguration of security settings is one of the main causes of hijacked cloud accounts. Misconfiguration can include leaving cloud security settings at defaults, which may be too low for your needs, or accidentally turning off important security protections in a cloud platform.

Platforms like Microsoft 365 have extensive security features, but this also makes administering those settings more complicated for business owners who may not be sure what they all mean.

When you sign up for managed cloud services, you gain the support of experts who will configure your cloud security settings throughout your environment to keep you protected from a breach. We will also put monitoring in place to proactively watch for and address any potential threats.

In 2020, attacks on cloud accounts rose by 630%.

Cost-Saving Strategies

It’s easy to spend more than you mean to when you don’t have any expert guidance when choosing your cloud software.

Redundant cloud apps and cloud waste have become major problems and can negatively impact a company’s bottom line.

When working with a cloud service provider, like PartnerIT, you’ll have a pro helping you make informed decisions so you’re not choosing unnecessary apps. We also perform active monitoring to keep your operations running smoothly. 

Cloud services allow you to drastically lower IT operating costs while still ensuring a dependable, resilient, and flexible system is always in place and running smoothly.

Worry-Free Data Migrations & Reverse Migrations

One thing that’s a constant in a cloud environment is the need to migrate and reverse migrate data. If not handled correctly, you can end up losing important data, such as years’ worth of customer contact notes, simply because fields weren’t mapped correctly.

With expert cloud support, you won’t have to worry about the time-consuming and complicated migration of data from one cloud application to another or from your on-premises records to cloud environments.

The entire process is handled for you and all data is preserved and moved to the appropriate fields.

Boost Team Productivity

Inefficient cloud environments mean that employees waste time with manual processes of moving data from one application to another. For example, if your shopping cart isn’t connected to your CRM or your accounting platform, users may have to enter data manually in two different cloud apps every day.

Through cloud services, we help businesses streamline their cloud environment and get everything connected for a free flow of data between apps. This reduces keying errors and eliminates time-consuming manual entry, improving team productivity.

Optimize Your Cloud Environment

Your cloud environment is constantly changing as your business grows and cloud solutions come on the market and enhance features. If you aren’t paying attention, your online infrastructure can quickly become out of date.

A cloud services provider keeps on top of all industry trends and new advances that impact their clients. At PartnerIT, we are continually working to keep the environments of our clients fully optimized and evolving to help businesses grow and expand. 

The guidance you receive from a cloud IT professional ensures your company can take full advantage of the benefits the cloud offers without worrying about unnecessary cybersecurity risks.

Learn More About Cloud Services from PartnerIT

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