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4 Important Ways That Managed IT Services Lower Business Overhead

By Chris Boudreau | September 13, 2021

4 Important Ways That Managed IT Services Lower Business Overhead

Without computers, Wi-Fi, cloud storage, and other IT infrastructure, businesses couldn’t run these days. Technology has become an important part of operations, so much in fact, that if it’s not running efficiently then neither is the company.

It’s estimated that the financial cost of inefficient processes is 20-30% of a company’s revenue. Something as simple as creating an invoice manually can cost over CA$30 each.

Technology impacts multiple areas of business health and wellbeing, including:

  • Revenue generation
  • Data security
  • Customer communications
  • Product & service delivery
  • HR functions
  • Daily operations

Yet with so much riding on technology infrastructure, many small businesses think it’s less expensive for them to handle it all themselves, instead of securing managed IT services. But this can actually backfire, costing them much more.

When you take a “break/fix” approach to your business technology, by definition, you’re waiting for something to break before it’s addressed. This reactive approach means more costly downtime and potentially devastating cybersecurity issues.

Canada has the highest average cost of ransomware-related downtime at over CA$226,000 per incident.

Having a professional manage your company’s technology operations and security is a cost-saving decision that makes sense for all-sized companies, including small businesses. Here are several reasons why.

Reduces Expensive Downtime

Downtime costs can be one of those unseen expenses that small businesses don’t realize right away. For example, spending 45 minutes trying to get the Wi-Fi back up one day, and having to open 35 minutes late due to a server crash another day, might not seem like it’s costing thousands of dollars. But those minutes of downtime turn into hours that mean big losses.

The average cost of downtime for a small business is approximately CA$10,000 per hour. And for a medium-sized company, it’s over CA$930,000.

So, just one downtime incident for 30 minutes can cost much more than a monthly payment on a managed services plan.

When you sign up for managed IT, you have a team proactively maintaining your technology environment to eliminate or greatly reduce any potential downtime incidents. At PartnerIT, our All Covered® solutions employ best practices, preventative support, and industry-leading tactics to keep your IT stable and reliable.

Keeps You From Becoming a Cybersecurity Statistic

Cyberattacks like data breaches and ransomware infections are costly to any business but are especially impactful to smaller companies that don’t have the resources to pay the costs of remediating such an attack.

60% of small businesses end up closing their doors for good within just 6 months of a cyberattack. Remediating a data breach can cost tens of thousands of dollars and can leave a company struggling for years.

When it comes to keeping your data and endpoints protected, you can’t take any chances, which I why having a managed IT plan is a necessity. It provides peace of mind that you won’t walk in one day to discover your systems are locked out of your data and your business can’t operate due to an overnight ransomware attack.

Some of the IT security protections you receive when working with us as your IT partner include:

  • Security patch management
  • Anti-spyware management
  • Spam management
  • Cloud backups
  • Server disaster recovery
  • Implementation of cybersecurity best practices

Improves Staff Productivity

Each minute that your team spends dealing with a computer issue equates to lost productivity dollars. In a study in communications practices and technology, it was found that about 13% of an employee’s day is wasted because of IT inefficiencies. That’s a productivity loss of over 5 hours a week or 20 hours per month.

One of the ways that managed IT services help keep staff more productive is through reactive support services. This includes providing help desk support, on-site and remote IT support, and problem resolution. So instead of spending valuable time struggling with a technology issue or question, your team can get expert help right away and get on with their day.

Cloud Infrastructure Guidance That Saves Money

Companies don’t always use the cloud effectively. Cloud waste doubled in recent years and the number of redundant app subscriptions continues to climb. Businesses often end up spending more than they bargained for and have a fragmented cloud infrastructure that doesn’t facilitate automation between apps.

When you work with a managed IT partner, you have access to technology consulting that can save you thousands of dollars in costs by helping you steer clear of waste. We act as a dedicated VCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer) for technology summary, budget planning, infrastructure automation, and more.

Gain Peace of Mind with an Affordable IT Managed Services Plan

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