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Xerox Hardware, Software and Service:
The Gold Standard in Office Technology for Decades.

Our partnership with Xerox is no coincidence. As the leader in their industry, Xerox has always set the pace for print, scanning and information management. With global-ready services for claims reimbursement and automated toll transaction to customer care centres and HR benefits management – Xerox delivers the service infrastructure and state of the art technology to makes it easy to recommend. PartnerIT is a leading Southwestern Ontario Authorized Sales Agent for Xerox Canada and provides clients with a full suite of products to save your organization time and money.

Xerox products may be one of the smartest investments you will make for your business, and the leading technology solution you’ve been searching for.

Reduce Costs

Lower your printing costs by up to 30% with our managed print solutions.

Better Service

Expand your customer base and provide more efficient solutions with the world leader in business process and document management.


Our ‘pay as you go’ platform ensures printing costs remain under control.


No need to stockpile printer supplies with our automated replenishment service. We even recycle your used printer products.

The Modern Workplace

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