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Managed Security Services

PartnerIT delivers cost effective, easy-to-implement protection to combat today’s real-time threats.

In a world of data breaches, cryptolocking and confidentiality leaks we can understand any hesitation in sharing access to

your business technology. Ever-increasing external threats to your data and productivity or poorly managed IT can make it very difficult to know who you can trust. Today’s integration of people, software and hardware is complex and what you don’t know can truly and permanently hurt your business.

You probably don’t realize that your systems may have already been scanned for vulnerabilities that can cause serious issues. And this is only amplified by a portable workforce and human behaviours that create exposure.



The biggest threat most businesses face with security, is complacency. Most small to medium businesses don’t feel they are significant enough in size or earnings to be a target. Nothing could be further from the truth. Across Southwestern Ontario, Canada and the world, teams just like yours are being locked out of their networks for a ransom fee. Medium-size businesses are being infected by sleeper viruses that infiltrate, wait and strike when the nefarious individuals decide the time is right. And sometimes repeatedly over a period of months. Hearing aid giants in Denmark, hospitals here in Ontario and Municipalities all over North America are being locked out of their day-to-day operations for a ransom fee

– frequently in the hundreds of thousands. With no guarantee of successful file restoration.

Your best line of defense in this digital world is PartnerIT’s All Covered® solutions.

Our managed IT company in London troubleshoot, protect, maintain and enhance your infrastructure so that you can focus on doing what you’re good at – running your business. If you’re holding off making IT decisions, each day is one step closer to a preventable, potentially business-altering occurrence.

Committed to your success, we’ll get you ready to run your business with less effort and more impact.

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