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The Modern Workplace

Opportunities for Remote Workforce Transition

PartnerIT can help your organization 

with operational evolutions that are secure,  cost-effective and efficient.

Hybrid or whole organization: today’s technology offers

affordable, scalable possibilities.

It would be hard to believe there’s a business manager anywhere in the world right now who isn’t considering ways to insulate their  business from future disruptions. Or, at the very least, looking for  ways to learn, adapt or evolve out of the financial impact of 2020.  If your business needs to recover or simply needs to prepare for  new threats, PartnerIT can help.  

Many brick and mortar companies are now exploring  remote and flexible place employment for cost

efficiency  and to accommodate a shifting workscape. We’ve got  answers to the questions surrounding remote work setup,  security, connectivity and productivity tools.  


It’s no secret that the way the world works has been changing for some time now. Remote work  and flexible place lead the charge in a future that values talent over proximity. If you’re wondering  how to reduce infrastructure costs, PartnerIT can help you ensure productivity, culture and  connectivity are the metrics that matter. Most small to medium size teams already rely heavily on  technology to drive their workforce so some small adjustments could be all you need to explore new  possibilities. Across Southwestern Ontario, Canada and the world, teams just like yours are suffering  disruptions to their business that could be preventable. Working with a qualified and experienced  Managed Services provider is one way that you can be ready for future challenges.   PartnerIT’s All Covered platform offers scalable, optimized and integrated solutions that  appeal to today’s workforce at an affordable rate. If you’re over the ‘big staff numbers in your  buidling’ mentality and ready to explore a new way to measure success, we have the technology  and know

how to help get you there. 

Business Beyond Zoom 

Remote work is more than video conferencing on free platforms and  working in our pyjamas. PartnerIT’s All Covered


solutions employ  proactive, preventive support and industry

leading technology to  maintain reliable, stable, and cost effective environments. If you’re  considering an evolution for culture or economics

we can help.  


Companies as big as WordPress, Google, Facebook and others run 100% distributed teams.  WordPress shut down its office four years ago and went remote. Today, it’s running successfully  with a net worth of $1.16 billion (2017). Remote work is a reality today and is happening now. Global  workplace analytics reported that 90% of employees work remotely (in some form) at least once a  week. Most of us already work remotely without even realizing it. Have you ever checked your emails  on vacation or when travelling for business? Much of our work is being done on the internet,  communicated via cloud

based tools. You are virtually connected with your colleagues without  being physically present in your company’s office. Herein lies the challenge. Working remotely  and being set

up to work remotely can be the difference between thriving or failing. 

PartnerIT is one of the region’s most advanced technician teams for Managed Service solution. We bridge the gaps in your information workflow, synchronize your data across authorized users  and platforms and ensure that the company infrastructure is stable and secure. We insure our cars,  health and even vacations

why not our livelihood?

Committed to your success, we’ll get you ready to run your business with less effort and more impact.

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