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4 Big Trends Happening in Cloud Storage You Should Know About

By Chris Boudreau | April 4, 2022

Cloud storage is a type of data storage where company data is stored off-site on third-party servers. These servers are run and managed by a hosting company that offers cloud storage ‘as a service’. 

For businesses of all sizes, cloud storage is a cost-efficient, flexible way to store data – and it’s fast outpacing traditional on-premises servers. Research shows that 

9 in 10 companies use cloud storage in 2022 – and over half of them store all of their data in the cloud. 

There are a host of benefits to be realized from embracing the cloud. So, if you’re yet to start your cloud storage journey, we advise you get started ASAP. 

If you’re still not convinced about cloud storage, these upcoming storage trends might change your mind.

You see, the cloud storage market is brimming with innovation. Between incumbent players like Amazon and Microsoft and challengers like Backblaze and SpiderOak, lots is happening in this space. 

Essentially, no cloud provider can afford to rest on its laurels right now. Because the market is competitive, cloud providers need to upgrade and improve their solutions consistently – or they know customers will go elsewhere.

This is excellent news for customers and prospects. It means that cloud storage is going to get even better!

How? Let’s take a look below. 

Sustainability Becomes a Focal Point for Cloud Providers

In 2022, six in ten Americans are ‘alarmed’ or ‘concerned’ about climate change. Unfortunately, cloud computing contributes to carbon emissions. The cloud, after all, is powered by electricity. 

However, the good news is that the big tech providers are conscious of carbon emissions – and are proactively mitigating their carbon footprints. Microsoft, for example, will be carbon negative by 2030. Google intends to be carbon-free by 2030. Amazon plans to be carbon negative by 2040.

While there’s some way to go before these goals are reached, it’s encouraging to see that cloud providers are doing their part. Moreover, research from 451 has shown that the cloud is better environmentally for SMBs. Their study notes: “moving applications to the cloud could compress the energy footprint of a workload to one-fifth of that of running the same workload in on-premises data centers.”

If you’re an SMB considering cloud storage, there’s definitely an environmental incentive to consider! Get in touch with us to find out more. 

AI is Infused into More Cloud Storage Services

Artificial intelligence is an excellent tool for optimization and improving efficiency. AI can accurately analyze vast amounts of data at speed and scale – completing tasks in seconds that would take human beings years! 

When it comes to cloud storage, AI is becoming increasingly common. Most cloud providers have released AI-enhanced solutions to help with budget tracking, storage optimization and data security compliance.

While these solutions come at an extra cost, they can be well worth the investment for many businesses. If you’re in a highly regulated industry such as healthcare, for example, an AI solution to track HIPAA data is a good idea. 

Of course, not all AI solutions are created equal. Speak to us, and we can help you find the right solution for your budget and needs. 

Ransomware Scanning Has Become the Norm

Last year, governments across the globe saw a 1,885% increase in ransomware attacks. Ransomware works by encrypting a victim’s device and files, preventing access to data. The victim can only unlock their files after paying a hefty ransom, typically in untraceable bitcoin. 

As ransomware continues to disrupt organizations across the US, cloud service providers are fighting back. We’re seeing more and more providers offer ransomware scanning as part of their core offerings. 

This works by automatically scanning data that is uploaded and downloaded to and from the cloud for evidence of ransomware. If a ransomware variant is found, the solution will automatically quarantine the file before the ransomware launches. 

Cloud Prices Stay Consistent 

Another benefit of the cloud market becoming increasingly competitive is that no provider has a complete monopoly. This means that, at least for the year ahead, cloud storage prices will remain consistent and steady – you shouldn’t get any cases of ‘bill shock’!

Saying this, just because your prices aren’t hiking, that doesn’t mean you should necessarily stick with your current provider. It’s well worth taking a look at the market to see if you’re getting the best deal. 

Are You Making the Most of Cloud Storage?

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