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Managed Help Desk Services

Managed Help Desk Services

If you run a business of any size, then you know that there’s little time and limited resources when it comes to managing your own IT system. Even larger companies struggle to keep their systems operating nominally in an age of endless evolutions, updates and threats. You have enough on your plate to deal with, and PartnerIT is here to alleviate the burden with our managed help desk services. 

Our goal is to handle the IT management side of things while providing all the support you need, enabling your team to perform at their peak and contribute to your core responsibilities. Our assistance ensures a solid, stable, highly secure IT solution for your business, helping you mitigate many risks while driving operating costs down with our

All Covered®


Features at a Glance

From Conceptualization to Deployment, You’re All Covered

Need us for a comprehensive IT systems overhaul? We’re glad to lend our expertise based on years of practical experience in the field, helping you refine – or redefine – your network, hardware and software integration. This contributes to a more streamlined, user-friendly solution, managed by attentive and proactive professionals – not third party outsourcing. We can assist with everything from software installation and updates to offsite data sweeps, remote deployments and more.

We’re Here for Your Team, Every Step of the Way

From troubleshooting compatibilities to managing permissions and performing hybrid cloud migrations, PartnerIT is your partner in trying times. We also aim to minimize complications by respecting your compliance and other process-related needs. We’re dedicated, transparent, and passionate about solving problems correctly the first time around – it’s easier for everyone, improves your workflow, and is just good business! 

Secure and Dependable

Every aspect of our managed help desk services is optimized to ensure your data remains protected, hidden away from prying eyes. In fact, with our 24/7 security service, you’ll benefit from faster response times to threats and more accurate risk assessment reports. Plus, we’ll keep you informed on any anomalies, helping you relax and focus on growing your company. Speaking of which, our solutions are fully scalable, customizable, and designed with flexibility in mind.


Don’t Get Done in by Procrastination – Get Things Done with PartnerIT!

Our managed help desk services are ready for you when you need them, not when it’s convenient for someone else. From patch deployments to supporting multi-location setups, system performance and security audits, hardware setups, training and more, we’re an all-in-one support solution you can count on. Contact us today to get started!



Scheduled, reliable off-site sweep of all your critical data ensures that nobody ever forgets to protect your interests.

Cloud Storage

Ideal solution for many small business operations where constant hardware investment is not effective or feasible.

Disaster Recovery

When any unexpected issue adversely affects your systems, PartnerIT has a quick and efficient solution.


Ensuring your entire team’s integrated assets and information are backed up and recoverable for unexpected scenarios.

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Committed to your success, we’ll get you ready to run your business with less effort and more impact.

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