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Disaster Recovery Planning

Modern business operations have a lot to think about – cyber threats, internal sabotage or theft and the increase in dirty electricity or climate induced damage. There’s no shortage of events that have the potential to put cause problems for your systems, costing you data integrity and the security of your business and employees. Put the odds in your favour by making PartnerIT a part of your team for disaster recovery planning. We implement proactive, low-risk approaches to protect your business and safeguard its growth potential. Harnessing the power of secure cloud deployments, hassle-free data backups and more, it’s time to experience our personalized, All Covered® solutions and embrace digital and cloud workflow with confidence.

Features at a Glance

Threat Detection – and Avoidance

Our disaster recovery planning incorporates managed IT services such as network monitoring, 

security threat assessments and more, acting fast to stop malicious cyber threats before they 

cause a problem so your business can perform at its peak, minimizing disruptions and 

protecting growth potential. Fortifying your IT setup while making it easier to use internally is 

how we can help your operations remain flexible and proactive.

Streamlined and Secure Data Backups

If there’s data that you’re comfortable storing in the cloud, now’s the time to do it before the unexpected takes place. PartnerIT makes it easy to not only automatically back up data to a secure cloud server but also manage permissions, monitor file sharing and log user activity. This also means you won’t have to worry about dedicated onsite servers or dedicated resources such as team members to manage them, helping you drive down operating costs without making performance or data security compromises. As for maintaining compliance with established guidelines, we have you covered with cloud governance strategies optimized to meet any specific guidelines that must be adhered to. 

Risk Assessments and Reports

Our team wants to help empower your business by making it ready for anything. We’re happy to perform walkthroughs, advise employees on best practices, perform IT risk assessments of your setup and make informed, useful recommendations. With our assistance, your company will be better prepared for any IT eventuality, therefore putting less at stake than ever before.

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Scheduled, reliable off-site sweep of all your critical data ensures that nobody ever forgets to protect your interests.

Cloud Storage

Ideal solution for many small business operations where constant hardware investment is not effective or feasible.

Disaster Recovery

When any unexpected issue adversely affects your systems, PartnerIT has a quick and efficient solution.


Ensuring your entire team’s integrated assets and information are backed up and recoverable for unexpected scenarios.

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