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5 Security Essentials Every Office Should Have

By SEO Plus | March 26, 2021

The modern office setup has an ever-increasing list of needs, but none are more important than protecting your data, investments and hardworking employees. This extends to cybersecurity, especially when code is constantly being reworked and new digital threats are emerging every day. To maintain efficient, productive, and proactive operations, you need to ensure your current framework and IT infrastructure is up to the challenge. 

Today, let’s help you get there. Here are the five security essentials every office should implement to stay safe in the digital age.

Endpoint Protection

Each end-user device – laptops, desktops, tablets and others – is a moving target. And, without proper endpoint protections in place, such as cloud and network encryption, there’s a chance that hackers can hit more than a few of them. The days of installing an antivirus and performing occasional scans are long gone – such insufficient methods are only asking for trouble. Whether a cyber threat emerges from an internal or external source, today’s endpoint protection processes implement a combination of active monitoring, data analysis, blocking and risk mitigation. Comprised of multiple system components that interface with one another, both in terms of hardware and software, these protections are more robust and capable than the simple scanners of yesteryear, especially when it comes to securing your data and workflows.

DNS and Internet Protection

Domain Name System (DNS) and internet protection solutions are essential because using standard ISP-provided servers is never enough to safeguard commercial operations. A secured, well-maintained and monitored alternative incorporates elements of ad blocking, content filtering, malware and phishing protection, and optimizations for peak performance and reliability. This can be particularly handy if you have a private or hybrid cloud solution in place and need to maintain security compliance. Connecting employees through a secure, managed portal is like sailing through ice with a strengthened hull – your team will be better protected against unexpected encounters.

Email Protection

Considering that email interactions between colleagues, departments and clients serve as the backbone of most communications strategies, protecting sensitive internal data and privatizing conversations should be top priority for any office. Nowadays, it’s strange to not receive at least a couple of phishing emails per day, which can be disguised as tempting offers, collaboration requests or even senders pretending to be a fellow team member. Ransomware is also on the rise as many individuals continue to work from home amidst the pandemic. Therefore, any security breach can seriously compromise everything from brand reputation to compliance adherence and even employee safety, so fortified and future-facing email protection processes are a collective must. 

Dark Web Monitoring

Client account details. Company banking and financial data. Employee addresses, contact details, and even SIN numbers. These are just a handful of the many sensitive pieces of information that can – and often are – sold on the dark web to the highest bidder. Whether due to a breach or internal espionage, you owe it to your team and company to employ active dark web monitoring to identify and remove any traces of this data, not to mention minimize the risk of it happening in the first place. Identify theft, fraud and phishing attacks are increasingly common, especially for businesses with a significant online presence as they serve as more lucrative targets. Take yours off your back by enlisting the help of surveillance and risk mitigation experts.

Phishing Simulations and Training

The more prepared, security-savvy and knowledgeable your employees are, the better safeguarded they will be against today’s online threats. Investing in training and conducting exercises to test their responsiveness and threat detection capabilities is therefore crucial. Working alongside technicians with years of real-world digital security experience, they can improve their skill set, all while serving as an extra layer of protection for your company. 

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