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Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a Service (SaaS)

We live and work in strange times, but technical innovations continue to help us keep pace and remain productive no matter where we are. Whether working from home, in an office environment or via a hybrid combination, having the right software can make everyday life easier – and more productive.

That’s what we’re prepared to offer at PartnerIT with our personalized software as a service solutions (SaaS): hassle-free integration, user-friendly implementation, and plenty of cost-saving innovation. Combined with our

All Covered®

managed IT service offerings, your team can benefit from snappy performance, a dependable infrastructure that supports multiple users with ease, and instant access to support from our in-house experts. 

Features at a Glance

Cloud-Powered, Powerful Solutions

Whatever level of cloud migration you embrace, PartnerIT is here to ensure a smooth and painless transition. Virtual desktop software allows your employees to access onsite systems when working remotely while maintaining critical security standards. Services such as Microsoft Office 365 make it easier to collaborate no matter where your team is deployed, featuring everything from Excel and Word to OneNote and Teams in one handy digital package. And, if you need to manage permissions and monitor activity, we’re also able to implement hassle-free software such as Salesforce and SAP. The choice is yours, and we can provide you with plenty of it!

Managed IT Services

From encrypting backups to disaster recovery planning, risk assessments and more, PartnerIT strives to help you reduce not only operating costs and management headaches, but also complications and threats to your business. Our managed IT services pair nicely with SaaS offerings to ensure non-intrusive upgrades and system maintenance, effective permissions management and training, and software implementations that truly benefit your operations. 

Ready for Anything

By not only providing IT solutions but also maintaining them for you, we’re proud to be an all-in-one IT solution for businesses who want the best value-to-performance ratio. There’s no middleman and no nonsense – we identify complications and quickly make short work of them, providing you with clear reasoning why thanks to transparent and informative reporting. Along with 24/7 security and best-in-class support services, the PartnerIT way of implementing SaaS goes far beyond the bare minimum. That translates to the maximum performance potential for your business.

We Know More than the ABCs of Quality SaaS. Experience the PartnerIT Difference Today!

When you’re ready to get started our hardworking and dedicated team is happy to help you implement a software-as-a-service solution that is future-proofed, fully managed and personalized to suit your specific needs. Contact us to learn more.


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