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Remote IT Solutions

Get the Remote IT Solutions Your Team Needs

The days of dreading working remotely and treating it as a “necessary evil” are over; it’s never been easier or more beneficial or even a competitive advantage to modernize your operations. PartnerIT is a remote IT provider in London that is your force for change, capable of ensuring deployments go smoothly and without any performance compromises. As partner to market leaders such as Lenovo, Microsoft and more, we take great pride in our extensive hardware and software knowledge – not to mention how to make both work together seamlessly.

What Makes for a Successful Remote Deployment?

The Right Hardware


Our fully-managed remote and hybrid fixed-base IT solutions utilize enterprise-grade technologies. High-quality, powerhouse hardware including Lenovo’s respected ThinkPad and ThinkCentre lines ensure your team performs at their peak no matter where they are.  Ergonomically correct equipment makes it possible to work healthier and more efficiently.Our experts ensure every installation goes smoothly and all equipment is ready for everyday use, you’ll never be on your own with PartnerIT.

The Right Software


Whether you need to implement a cloud-based VoIP phone system for hassle-free communications or require professional Microsoft Azure integration, PartnerIT makes it easy to kit out your team with the essentials and more. We want to ensure your entire workforce knows how to use the software they need, adhere to your established processes and remain productive as ever no matter where they are deployed. Plus, we’ll consult with you along the way to address any performance or optimization needs, including cloud solutions.

The Right Security Standards


Remote IT solutions are only truly effective if they put the safety and security of your team and business first. From filesharing permissions to cloud backups of critical data, we want you to remain just as protected as if you were all in the same office – if not more so. By saying goodbye to legacy equipment and solutions such as staffing a large IT team onsite, you can cut costs without compromising compliance needs. And never jeopardize online security – even

across multiple networks.


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With our expertly managed remote IT solutions and services, the PartnerIT team is an ideal choice for hybrid

or complete work-from-home evolutions. With our continued guidance, managed services

and expertise, it’s possible to save on overhead without sacrificing data security, improve

employee performance and keep everyone current and connected. Get started by reaching out to us today.


Save Money

Cut costs per copy with access to your own machine, and avoid those costly copy centre mark-ups.

No Delays

When time is of the essence, waiting for external copy orders is no longer an issue. Maintain credibility and trust with quick access.


We’ve got you covered. Xerox Full Service Maintenance Agreements cover all parts, labour, software, diagnostic licenses and telephone support.


From simple to complex copy jobs, Xerox copiers are built to accommodate duplex printing, various page sizes, thickness, and alignments.

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